A few weeks ago I had downloaded the demo for the new Alien vs. Predator game, excited because I love both franchises. I was eager, excited and began to play.

Right off the bat I get dropped into an interface that gave me no idea what I was doing when I chose Predator. The over-all feeling that I got from this and the ensuing gameplay was that this was made for consoles, and I was playing on the PC.

As the Predator all I could do was engage in fisticuffs; left hook, right hook, no hadoken. No spear, no killer Frisbees, not even the laser beam was in my possession and I start getting killed by Aliens and Marines. More aliens than the marines (more on that later). The demo felt ill-thought out from the start, not just because the only mode to play online was death match, but because there is no mock up of the controls, and in this game there are some ridiculous combinations to learn and master.

Next round I was the alien. The loading screen immediately mentions how darkness is your friend and you should try and knock out lights. This was the first thing I attempted to do, but my efforts were thwarted as I missed the same lights 2 or 3, even 4 times. As an Alien you can pinch and roll seamlessly around the arena trying to knock out lights and jabbing your tail into unsuspecting players.

And the Marine? Well he’s easily the most intense to play as, seeing how you’re just a mere human you can’t jump or roll around or even duck. You shoot guy. You shoot alien, or you at least try to. But the motion detector radar is where the game shines. You sit and wait, and when the beeping gets furious you run from it.

The main gripes I have is that the game doesn’t feel like there will be any tournament style play. Everyone just runs in circles raping each other from behind trying to land the instant kills. You earn experience points, which only let you unlock skins, and the way to get the most XP is by doing instant kill moves which leave you vulnerable for far too long. I’ve talked to people about this game and they talk about it being “perfectly balanced.” There’s three classes- having perfect balance should be a given. That’s like bragging that rock, paper, scissors is perfectly balanced and fine tuned.

The Rock!

This is bullshit, everyone knows "rock" is OP.

All in all, this game has promise. It’s a first person fighting game, but I’ll be curious to see if there is any lasting appeal, however, it seems Rebellion is already planning for the sequel as this game has sold enough copies to warrant one.

I think this tagline hit the nail on the head.