Holy nuts, they made a toy inspired by a game vehicle that's not nearly as famous as it's parent property.

I was trawling Digg and saw this link about PC Gaming Manuals and it took me back…


I had Tie Fighter and the manual was thick enough to warrant a spine. As I cracked it open, the pages concerning how to install the game and control were short and to the point. 90% of the manual was dedicated to detailing the specs of various Imperial star fighters and the story of Maarek Stele, some guy from some planet who got caught up in a plot of military intrigue, pirates, shooting with lasers and seat-of-the-pants flying (what story does that sound like?).

There were actual gameplay elements sprinkled into the dialogue and character progression, like when the flight instructor tries to stump the rookie TIE pilot by asking, “What is the most efficient way to lower your speed?” When Maarek hits F9 twice to charge his lasers, but re-directing power from his engines, the instructor glows with a special pride usually reserved for fathers who wanted songs but ended up with daughters.

What gaming manuals did you love? Which ones did you hate? Tell me about them.