The Midnight Riders

Rumors, rumors, rumors. Everyone loves a good rumor and with the release of “The Passing”, the first downloadable campaign for Left 4 Dead 2, Valve has unleashed a good’un so if you hate spoilers read no further.

In “The Passing”, while venturing and smacking zombies you see the Midnight Riders van drive past you and hit a zombie, keeps going of course, and while this could be nothing, the midnight riders now have a blog up as well, and there are a few singles from them posted on youtube. My favorite being “All I want For Christmas Is To Kick Your Ass”.

So now there’s word being whispered around that Left 4 Dead 3 will feature the Midnight Riders, and I for one wouldn’t complain about it. It sounds like it would be similar to “Diamond Dead”, the failed zombie/glam rock picture from George Romero that never got made.

In the blog, they say, “We’ll stop touring when they stop breathing,” and if you look at the tour dates there are four after Griffin, Georgia (which is where Dark Carnival takes place in L4D2). If we toss in Griffin we have five shows at the end of their tour. 5 shows, 5 campaigns. Part of the reason many see this as a hint from Valve, is how they subtly hint at sequels. With Portal, they went back in, updated some drones and some cryptic messages then a sequel was announced.

What I would like to see if they go this route, two of the bearded riders who we see in all the pictures, the bass player who may or may not be in the same picture and a groupie. Makes sense to me, mostly due to the prior Left 4 Dead’s having a diverse cast, and the picture of the midnight riders looks like 4 of the same guy.

Let's Keep Our Fingers Crossed.