A new Scott Pilgrim trailer is out courtesy of Game Trailers, and it’s fucking amazing. I was brought down slightly by the movie preview due to the fact I realized it was going to be a very dense story compacted into about 110 minutes.

And maybe because of Michael Cera. Maybe.

Full disclosure: I am a huge Scott Pilgrim fan.

The footage in the game doesn’t have to worry about “true-to-the-book” hangups. The book is about a guy who lives in a world where if you beat someone up hard enough, they’ll give you coins once they’re done. And fight through several mini-bosses before you get to your goal. And gain XP.

Check it out here and then get back to me:

One key win is that there are no actors to break the immersion for you. The art in-game is so close to the books that I bet some people will start to recall scenes from the game as party of the story canon. No one will whine about Mary Elizabeth Winstead or Kieran Culkin not living up to their imaginations of how Ramona or Wallace Wells seems in real life.

And who could truly live up to Wallace anyway?

Another win is capturing the tone of the book. The way Kimberly Pine stands while not fighting fits her semi-sassy, better-than-you demeanor. When one of the mini-bosses (Todd) powers up, his hair and eyes light up like I’d expect. An added bonus- one of his powerful attacks is a direct reference to Tetsuo from Akira (my god a game based on that would be amazing). I’m not a fighting game player, but I will be for this game.

Tetsuo from Akira

Like sitting underneath a meat grinder.

The game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is coming out in August to coincide with the release of the book.