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Goddamn! Those titles get confusing to type if there’s a numeral instead of a word. This blog is in opposition to Raul’s blog here. Anygay, let’s break it down.Valve loves to drop us little hints. Raul’s mention of The Midnight Riders’ bus in “The Passing” is similar to the “barely there” style of teases they like to do. I’ll give him that.

However, Valve doesn’t really seem to be the sort of developer/publisher to push out a release every year. While L4D2 followed almost exactly a year later from L4D1, keeping up this pace will tire out a company already stretched thin.

More like "Stretched 4 Dead" amirite?

Remember all of that L4D1 DLC we were supposed to get? Or the Engineer update that’s due any day now (based on the 6 month period in between the last three updates)? And then there’s Half Life 2: Episode 3 which remains shrouded in mystery as to when it’ll be released. Portal 2 was just pushed back until 2011, and the Steam for Apple release has also taken up their time and energy as well.

As of this writing, Valve had already dropped out of debuting anything at E3. They canceled their main show, despite promising a surprise. This means that L4D3 is not on the menu, especially this far away November. Remember, they showed L4D2 at the E3 preceding it’s release date (November 17, 2009). Since E3 is going on right now, that’s exactly a year ago.

So what is this Midnight Riders bus doing anyway? As one of the few examples of living humanity in the L4D universe that’s not rescue personnel, I think it’s a back door. If they have the time and resources, they’ll possibly do DLC like “The Passing” to sate us for the long wait until Portal 2 and beyond. Raul is guessing that it’d be two Midnight Riders, their blogger/replacement bassist (seen here) and a groupie. I don’t think this group would be diverse enough, though if it’s DLC that deviates from the main characters, they may go with that tact for a single campaign.

If they can barely get the DLC for l4d2 and l4d1 out the back door, l4d3 would be an even bigger strain. Theoretically, Half Life 2: Episode 3 or Half Life 3 is on its way. And we all know who’s good at theories: