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I own two computers, a PC and a Mac. My laptop is a 1.2 year old Macbook Pro. I love it. I create music, write ad copy, this blog, comic book ideas, sort and edit my photos on it. My desktop is an Alienware Area51 from 2007 that was top of the line at the time (I’ve since upgraded the SLI video cards to a single ATI 5870 HD). On it I play games and read comic books. Read the rest of this entry »


Check this shit out: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s sale time for digital distribution services for PC games. I just bought 13 games for $52.58. You could argue about a couple of them, but I think they’re all quality games. Here’s the list of what I got (copied from my email, so it might format weirdly). Most of these sales end sometime after New Years, but I suggest getting on these ASAP. Read the rest of this entry »