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This isn’t a full blog post. I just wanted to direct you over to a couple of amazing pieces on the reviewing culture currently going on with gaming today.

This one is about why Ars Technica (and everyone else) should avoid metacritic.

This is one about review embargoes (which is time delayed information suppression).

I particularly like the second link due to the fact it’s touting transparency. No favoritism, once news is known you broadcast it and it keeps game publishers honest.

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Holy nuts, they made a toy inspired by a game vehicle that's not nearly as famous as it's parent property.

I was trawling Digg and saw this link about PC Gaming Manuals and it took me back…

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I own two computers, a PC and a Mac. My laptop is a 1.2 year old Macbook Pro. I love it. I create music, write ad copy, this blog, comic book ideas, sort and edit my photos on it. My desktop is an Alienware Area51 from 2007 that was top of the line at the time (I’ve since upgraded the SLI video cards to a single ATI 5870 HD). On it I play games and read comic books. Read the rest of this entry »

An interesting article on how pinball machines used behavioral economics and psychology to receive more plays. However, this was also it’s downfall.

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